About Us

Chopan Kabob is a contemporary Afghan food, halal  restaurant with a warm and inviting ambiance. A strong dedication to service and exceeding our guests’ expectations each and every time they visit us. We offer fresh, innovative Central  Asia cuisine at moderate prices. Experience the cuisine of Afghanistan,  and be instantly transported thousands of miles by the exotic flavors. We invite you to come experience our carefully prepared authentic dishes from the history of Central Asia.
Afghan food is tasteful fusion of the regions that neighbor Afghanistan. Modern Afghan food is the blending of the cooking methods of the cooking methods of the three. Influence of India is obvious in the use of spices like saffron, coriander, cardamom and black pepper. The Afghans prefer cuisine which is neither too spicy nor hot. Chopan (Lamb kabab) is a favorite of the Afghans. Afghan kabob is mostly served with naan, and rice. Lamb chops, ribs, kofta (ground beef) and chicken kabobs are served in good Kabul restaurants.